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Drive Engagement Through Communication
What does communication look like in a modern world?

Welcome to the future of employee communication! An employee communication portal is the company's front page for employees. The portal is mobile-friendly, allowing employees to access information where they want, when they want. The portal is interactive, allowing employees to post comments, like comments and create online profiles. The portal is a real-time information and communication hub for employees.

The portal is easily configurable to give it a custom look and feel for each specific organization. The plug-and-play design of the portal allows the organization to choose each communication widget, a functional tile on the portal. Start measuring company communication with real-time metrics. Move in to the modern world of communication today.

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Company News

Post news stories with unlimited text and images. Give employees the opportunity to comment on stories to create more engagement.

Social Stream ™

Enable peer-to-peer communication, allowing employees to recognize each other and interact with each other.

Quick Links

Give employees a central area where they can access everything they need to do their job and to access all things human resources.


Automate the sign-up process for company events. Allow employees to sign up for health fairs, company celebrations and other events online.

Employee Milestones

Celebrate birthdays and service anniversaries with an automated feed. Introduce new hires to the organization.


Promote key metrics with a leaderboard so employees know how the organization is doing.