What Is Employee Relationship Management (ERM)?

Simply put, an ERM system is a technology platform that meets the needs of employees. An employee-centric platform provides employees information at their fingertips, improves communication and gives employee's personalized feedback. It gives employees the opportunity to provide input to management, it is intuitive and mobile-friendly.

Communication Portal

An electronic communication portal provides information real-time and is tailored for various employee groups. It also dynamic, offering two-way communication that is more engaging and meaningful.

Recognition Platform

Create a culture of appreciation. Allow peer-to-peer recognition, create spot recognition programs, reward behaviors that represent your values and outstanding achievements.

Performance Management

Structure regular check-ins between supervisors and employees. Create a system that promotes employee development. Ensure employee input and ownership in to the process.

Survey Tool

Employee input is key to getting them engaged. Measure employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement with a survey tool that easy to administer.

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