Our employee development programs are delivered by graduate level instructors
Maximize Human Potential

We offer only the highest quality programs, delivered by graduate level, experienced instructors and coaches. Are programs are hands-on and come with tools so the training and development really sticks. We typically focus on upper level leaders down to front-line supervisors to help maximize human potential in the organization.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training Program

Create Inclusive and Equitable Cultures

Organizations that create inclusive and equitable cultures are more profitable, grow faster and attract and retain the best talent.

20-hour Learning Series

This 20-hour learning series addresses subconscious bias and systemic oppression deeply rooted in people and in our culture.

Adding Value

92% of workshop participants found the experience to be of “Tremendous” to “Considerable” value.


The experience goes deep and is transformative. It is also action-oriented and giving people the tools and knowledge to enact change.

Fresh, Powerful and Non-Shaming Curriculum

(This program) opened my eyes to the historical trauma endured by people of color which is perpetuated through systems which encourage white privilege… (It) offers a fresh, powerful and non-shaming curriculum which is more than lecture and is interactive, testimonial [based] and discussion oriented.  Each learner examines privilege and is encouraged to use their influence to seek change, challenge systems and dismantle barriers to level the playing field to support all people having access to reaching their fullest potential.

Quote by - Chief Mike Tusken, Chief of Police, Duluth MN

Everything DiSC™

Everything DiSC Workplace

Improve teamwork and create cohesion through this program. Employees receive a 20-page personalized report on their personality preferences along with 4-6 hours of training that includes interactive exercises. This also can include team and culture reports to help groups improve communication and innovation.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Combining the personalized insights of DiSC along with emotional intelligence development, participants learn how to maximize workplace interactions and deal with a changing and challenging environment. Employees receive a 26-page personalized report and 4-6 hours of interactive training to their improve self-awareness and strengthen skills.

Work of Leaders

In this transformative program, leaders learn how to craft a vision, build alignment and champion execution in this leadership development program. Each participant receives a 25-page custom report and receives 4-8 hours of training that helps them elevate their game and create a high performance culture.

Everything DiSC Sales

Sales professionals learn how to better connect with their customers in this exciting and enriching program. Participants receive a 23-page personalized report and learn how to adapt their style to the needs of their customers in this 4-8 hour session that is customized to your industry and business goals.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
Participants receive a 25-page assessment on their team as well as themselves, along with 8-hours of interactive training with an experienced facilitator to improve team dynamics and results.

Additional Training and Development

Mindfulness in the Workplace

We help cohorts of employees deal with stress, improve self-awareness and build intuitive intelligence by teaching people how to deeply meditate and reflect. Our programs can be tailored to accommodate busy employee schedules and specific goals. Employee satisfaction increases along with the capacity to deal with challenging situations.

Culture Alignment

In this 4-8 hour workshop, leaders learn how to assess their culture so that it aligns with their vision and strategies. Participants learn how to manage the culture so that it promotes the behaviors and attitudes desired.

Leading Change

In this 4-8 hour workshop, participants learn how to get people on board with change. Participants learn new and innovative change approaches that will not only get people on board with change, but create excitement and tremendous momentum for it.

Conflict Management

In this 4-8 hour workshop, participants gain confidence in having productive conflict as they learn a new model for conflict management. The workshop is hands-on and helps participants work through a real-time conflict as they learn a model that becomes an important part of their on-going toolkit.