Maximize Human Potential

Most performance management systems demotivate people because assessments are infrequent, top-down and cumbersome. Our system is easily configurable to your unique needs and will reinvigorate employee engagement.

Manager Check-Ins

Regular check-ins with managers create more trust and alignment. Gen Z and Millennials expect to be coached by their boss and check in with them regularly.


The process should focus on employee development - identifying and supporting areas where the employee can continue to learn, develop and improve.

Visual Dashboards

Keeping the system easy to use and understand with visual dashboards helps employees know where they stand and where they can most improve.


A process that is partly self-managed by the employee helps them maintain accountability and a sense of ownership over their performance and development.

Improve Employee Feedback and Increase Productivity

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Six Modules, Customized for Each Level of the Organization
360 Review

  • Leader Development
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Real-time, visual dashboard

Goal Management

  • Cascading Goals
  • Visual tracking
  • Employees update progress

Culture Assessment

  • Alignment on values
  • Self-assessment
  • Measure progress

Skills Assessment

  • Evaluate employee competencies
  • Targeted to line employees
  • Easy dashboard for cross training


  • Build employee/manager trust
  • Track work climate trends
  • Structure check-in conversations

Career Tracking

  • Succession planning tool
  • Retain and develop leaders
  • Align personal & company goals