Create a Culture of Appreciation
Recognition Programs

Recognition is one of the primary drivers of employee engagement. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay and often feel more committed to the organization, resulting in a higher level of effort and performance. We work closely with organizations to help them create a culture of appreciation.

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Team accomplishments
  • Years of service awards
  • Re-enforce company values
  • Safety awards
  • Team accomplishments
  • Company celebrations
  • Individual achievements

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Effective Program Design

Our experts are ready to help you design gift programs and points-based programs that meet the organization's goals. With over 30,000 gift choices, we will help tailor the gift choices to your employee demographics. Programs are administered in the cloud to enable easy administration and real-time metrics. Gift choices include:

  • Logoed Apparel and Accessories
  • Outdoors (camping, fishing and hunting gear)
  • Active (biking, exercise and sports equipment)
  • Foodie (coffee, wine, gourmet dining items)
  • Electronics (Apple, Samsung and FitBit items)
  • Gift Cards (all brands such as Starbucks and Best Buy)
  • Custom Jewelry (pins, rings and belt buckles)
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