We love having Transcend as partners and look forward to future endeavors with them!

Chief Human Resources Officer - Manufacturing/Construction

The team at Transcend Engagement are extremely helpful and work hard to ensure the customer gets the product they are looking for. The Portal itself is very easy to maintain and offers excellent benefit for the overall investment.

Vice President of Human Resources - Hospital and Hospice

Transcend goes above and beyond to help us with engaging and rewarding our employees, and we appreciate everything they have done.

Assistant Dean - Higher Education

We are proud of our relationship with Transcend Engagement. They provide exceptional services, have amazing applications, and we are very happy with all they do.

Senior Account Executives - Logistics and Supply

We receive great service with our employee recognition years of service program, thank you for all your help!

Senior Human Resources Manager - Transportation

Transcend has been great to work with and we look forward to continuing our partnership with their employee engagement products and services.

CEO - Aerospace

Our employee recognition products through Transcend look terrific, are always delivered on time, and we appreciate the team’s help with all they do.

Founder - Special Interests

From my perspective, given the strange environment we are all working with, this organization does very good work year after year.

People & Engagement Manager - Marketing & Promotions